Lawrence Stem Player

Welcome to Lawrence the stem player! A "stem" is a single track or group of tracks that, when combined with the other stems, make up a full recording. By playing around with this stem player, you can listen to and isolate individual layers, create fun combinations of instruments, and even hear many things you may have missed in our music!

  • Use the space bar or the / button in the top bar to play or pause the song (once the audio has loaded).
  • Click on the title of a stem to mute or unmute it.
  • Click anywhere on a waveform to jump to that part of the song.
  • Use the "all off" and "all on" buttons to mute or unmute all of the stems.

The files are large and may take a few minutes to load. If you're currently using mobile data (and don't have a lot of it to spare), you may want to consider hopping on Wi-Fi.

Have fun!